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Do not waste another dollar on hydraulic and hydrologic modeling until you attend GeoAdvice's innovative training sessions.

GeoAdvice offers training courses (basic, advanced, topic-specific, etc.) on hydraulic and hydrologic modeling of:

Water distribution systems


Sewer collection systems


Stormwater management


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Why Choose GeoAdvice

GeoAdvice provides you with practical, innovative, and robust training solutions in hydraulic and hydrologic modeling of water, sanitary, and storm systems. GeoAdvice training courses are available Online, On-Site, or On-Campus. Regardless of which option you choose, you will get top-notch education with GeoAdvice.

On-Site, On-Campus & Online

Since the onset of the pandemic, GeoAdvice has been offering online training courses. Benefits include choosing your own learning environment and connecting across the globe.

GeoAdvice delivers training courses to your staff at your site. If your organization has multiple employees seeking customized hydraulic and hydrologic modeling training, then let us bring the training to you. Some benefits include controlled class size and audience and a customized class schedule. Prior to the training, GeoAdvice will coordinate with your IT Department to arrange the installation of the modeling software and all associated modeling training files.

Come visit our great training facilities in the Vancouver area (BC, Canada) and attend GeoAdvice’s educational training programs on campus. Some benefits include lower training cost and the opportunity to network with other professionals. One-on-one informal training is also available.

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Do not waste another dollar on hydraulic modeling until you attend GeoAdvice's innovative training session: "Hydraulic Modeling of Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems."

Seminar description: The sanitary sewer modeling training begins with the basics of hydraulic theory as it applies to sewer collection modeling and then takes participants through the sanitary sewer data model. Both steady-state and extended-period simulations will be presented in this course. Sewer load allocation and model calibration will be discussed. Participants will become familiar with EPA-SWMM (transport compartment only) and use the software to reinforce concepts with the workshop problems.

Geoadvice education
Geoadvice education

Finally, at the end of the training session, participants will have the opportunity to play the Aqualibrium competition to test their newly acquired skills in hydraulics. The Aqualibrium competition is a fun way to learn about the complexity of network hydraulics. The aim of the competition is to distribute three litres of water equally between three reservoirs (containers) placed randomly on a grid of 16 points. Participants will build a pipe network between a water source and the three reservoirs using pipes of different diameters.

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See what our past attendees have to say:

The Region of Peel has been very satisfied with several training courses on hydraulic modeling of water distribution and sewer collection systems conducted by GeoAdvice founder Dr. Werner de Schaetzen, P.Eng. The training courses included advanced hydraulic modeling topics such as pump scheduling, security analyses, and water quality simulation. The training quality was above our expectations. We would recommend Dr. de Schaetzen of GeoAdvice as the preferred instructor to any water or wastewater utility for their hydraulic modeling and training needs.

Region of Peel, ON

Thank you GeoAdvice for the great hydraulic network modeling training session. The content was relevant and the training material and exercises were really helpful. If we ever need to train more modelers, we’ll know who to look for.

Regional Municipality of Niagara, ON

The training was well organized and tailored to our needs. We had a great time too thanks to the excellent Instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and I certainly recommend GeoAdvice to any other Region or Municipality for hydraulic modeling training. Thumbs up GeoAdvice!

The Regional Municipality of York, ON

Thank you so much GeoAdvice. It was a superb course with a superb teacher!

Capital Regional District Water Services Victoria, BC

Thank you for educating me about water modeling. It was the most fun, effective, and well-organized course that I have ever had.

City of Houston, TX

Thank you for putting on a great course.  At first, I was dreading a 2 day course in modeling from past experiences with this type of course, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It was more educational, far more interesting and fun than I had anticipated. You do the job extremely well.

City of Calgary, AB