Master Planning

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Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Wastewater Master Planning

Master planning

Using models as tools to help develop a water/sewer/storm master plan has become a well-established practice. Decisions with a big financial impact are often being made on the basis of model predictions. GeoAdvice will work with you to build/load/calibrate/analyze your model so that you can have well-founded confidence in your model and know your implemented schemes will achieve the required performance.

Why prepare a water master plan?

Water master planning growth


Master planning public safety

Public safety

Flood safety planning


Stormwater system performance

System performance

Water master planning fire flows

Fire flows

Water efficiency


Safe water

Water quality

Regulatory requirements

Regulatory requirements

GeoAdvice can assist you with the various tasks of building a successful water, sanitary sewer, and wastewater master plan:

  • Model development
  • Field test and model calibration
  • Population and growth projections
  • Model requirements
  • Existing system facilities
  • Water quality and treatment
  • Evaluate existing water quality
  • Evaluate existing system
  • Evaluate future system requirements
  • Perform model simulation
  • Perform supply/storage analysis
  • Identify system deficiencies
  • Identify system improvements
  • Evaluate alternative system improvements
  • Prepare $ estimates for system improvements
  • Capital improvement planning
Master planning
Green trees and clear lake
Master planning
Clean water lake

Overview of master planning projects

Brechin Sanitary Sewer Catchment Master Plan

Project Name: Brechin Sanitary Sewer Catchment Master Plan

Client Name: City of Nanaimo, BC

Brechin Sanitary Sewer Catchment Master Plan

Project Objectives:

  • Characterize and calibrate existing sanitary loading;
  • Quantify future sanitary loading;
  • Establish existing system condition grades for existing Brechin and remaining citywide sanitary sewer collection system;
  • Update the hydraulic model using InfoSewer with steady state; and
  • Analyze the system under different scenarios (year 2021, 2026, 2046, 2076).

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Project Name: Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Client Name: District of Oak Bay, BC

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Project Objectives:

  • Develop and calibrate a comprehensive districtwide sanitary sewer model that is capable of replicating the unique operation of the District’s system.
  • Develop a sanitary sewer master plan that identifies both capacity and condition deficiencies throughout the system, develops prioritized system improvement recommendations to meet future servicing needs, devises an I&I reduction strategy to supplement the District’s ongoing I&I efforts, and plans for improved flow monitoring throughout the District.

Project Results:

  • Updated the existing sanitary sewer system model;
  • Calibrated the model using field data;
  • Developed future scenarios;
  • Performed system capacity analysis for existing and future scenarios; and
  • Recommended upgrades with cost analyses.

Water Distribution System Master Plan

Project Name: Water Distribution System Master Plan

Client Name: The University of British Columbia (UBC), BC

Water Distribution System Master Plan

Project Objectives:

  • Deliver a comprehensive master plan tailored to meet the University’s unique needs and the development of an up-to-date, reliable, accurate, and user-friendly hydraulic model of the UBC water distribution system; and
  • Calibrate and analyze UBC’s water distribution network model to identify any existing and potential deficiencies.

Project Results:

  • Based on the results of the model calibration, the model was used to analyze the hydraulic capacity of UBC’s water distribution system and to recommend improvements necessary to service the projected 2030 growth scenario.