APEGA Nexus Professional Development Conference

GeoAdvice will be a proud participant at this year’s APEGA Nexus conference. This two-day professional development conference (June 8-9, 2022) will bring together new and seasoned engineers, geoscientists, and working professionals for two days of expert-led sessions on industry innovation, technical competence, and regulation in Alberta. Participants will also be able to earn continuing professional development hours for each session that they attend.

As part of this conference Dr. Werner de Schaetzen will be presenting, “Doing More with Less! Lessons Learned in Water Distribution-Systems Modeling” at 2:30-3:45 p.m. MST on June 8th. This presentation will outline 10 lessons learned when building and calibrating detailed hydraulic and water quality models and will describe the accomplishments and benefits of hydraulic and water quality models.

Additionally, the keynote speakers include Colonel Chris Hadfield, Professor Maydianne Andrade, PhD, FRCGS, and Murray Smith.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Werner de Schaetzen’s presentation.

For more information on the APEGA Nexus professional development conference, Click here.