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GeoAdvice has extensive training experience with the following water modeling software:

  • H2ONET
  • H2OMAP Water
  • InfoWater
  • WaterCAD
  • WaterGEMS
  • Waterworks
  • PIPE2000
  • InfoWorks WS
  • MikeNET
  • StruMap

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GeoAdvice Engineering Inc.
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Port Moody, BC
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Phone: (604) 931-0550
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Training Courses

GeoAdvice training courses are "Participate and Learn", not "Show and Tell"!

GeoAdvice offers training courses on hydraulic and hydrologic modeling of:

  • Water distribution systems
  • Sewer collection systems
  • Stormwater management systems
Why choose GeoAdvice educational solutions?
  • Entire suite of hydraulic and hydrologic modeling training services (water, sanitary, storm)
  • Different training levels (basic, advanced, topic specific, etc.)
  • Unique technical knowledge, communication skills and teaching abilities
  • Comprehensive training materials which are easy to use
  • Outstanding attendees references
  • Award winning training staff
  • Working with you to develop customized training materials to fit your specific needs
  • Practical modeling applications to master planning
  • Cover GIS modeling integration and data management
  • Model review and validation included
  • Unique teaching approach using puzzles and magic tricks

GeoAdvice will teach you to:

  • Identify system deficiencies
  • Evaluate operating strategies
  • Assess rehabilitation methods
  • Develop emergency response plans
  • Estimate water quality throughout the system
  • Develop "what-if" scenarios
  • Run fire flow simulations
  • Load water demand based on GIS land use
Additional GeoAdvice training benefits:
  • Gain confidence in your model's ability to reproduce existing conditions
  • Confirm the understanding of the performance of your system
  • Uncover missing information and misinformation or anomalies about your system
  • Familiarize yourself with the model built and calibrated by GeoAdvice
  • Key features, highlights, and practical uses of your model will be presented
  • Understand the underlying hydraulics and hydrology principles
  • Run hands-on assignments on your model
  • Learn to map, monitor, model, and maintain for effective water system management
  • Learn about GIS and its suitability to modeling applications

A draft outline of the various sections of a sanitary storm modeling training manual:

Section 1: Model Overview
Section 2: Model Master Database
Section 3: Model Software Layout
Section 4: Creating a Model
Section 5: Importing and Exporting Data
Section 6: Hydraulic and Hydrologic Model Parameters
Section 7: Scenario Management
Section 8: Developing Dry Weather Flows
Section 9: Theory of Urban Runoff Modeling
Section 10: Developing Wet Weather Flows
Section 11: Running Simulations and Viewing Results
Section 12: Graphing and Reporting
Section 13: Customizing the Model Database
Section 14: Calibration and Validation
Section 15: Using the Model to Evaluate Alternatives
Section 16: Updating and Further Use of the Model

Click here to view a detailed training agenda of modeling of water distribution systems.

During each training session, GeoAdvice will explain:
  • Model development, i.e. how the baseline model was developed
  • Data input requirement
  • Parameters adjusted to calibrate the model
  • Steps undertaken to complete the Master Plan
  • The scenario development
  • Data flagging to track changes
  • Model simulation results
  • The results analyses

Click here to view GeoAdvice sample training slides.

Each section of the training manual includes software demonstrations and hands-on exercises.
Draft copies of the manuals can be submitted to you at least two weeks in advance of the training session including all associated modeling files for your review.

Click here to view GeoAdvice sample tutorials.

Comprehensive instructional materials are provided to participants that will reinforce the objectives and skills learned.

GeoAdvice training deliverables:
  • Customized training manual and modeling procedures
  • Step by step tutorials for each training topic
  • Quiz, tests, true/false questions to assess the understanding of each topic
  • Thorough model review and list of modeling enhancements
  • Training feedback form to help in the assessment of the training
  • A Certificate of Completion with CEU credits from IACET

For further information on GeoAdvice educational services, please call (604) 931-0550 or e-mail us at