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Model calibration benefits:

  • Confidence
  • Understanding
  • Trouble shooting

Common calibration findings that GeoAdvice will locate using your model:

  • Unsuspected cross connections
  • Wrongly assumed valve status
  • By-pass valves left open
  • Valves left open or leaking
  • Unexpectedly low demands from large consumers

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Specialized Services

Do not base multi-million dollar decisions on poor modeling!


Development of Modeling Best Practices, Standards, Conventions, and Flags for Models

GeoAdvice will establish modeling rules to observe when building, analyzing or updating your model. A list of modeling standards, conventions and checks will be developed to provide a framework for the correct execution of modeling tasks and ensure conformity, accuracy and confidence in your model irrespective of the modeler. GeoAdvice will develop customized modeling standards for all modeling components (physical and non-physical elements) complete with clearly defined rules and advices. GeoAdvice will develop a comprehensive list of data parameter flags and validation tools. Adopting modeling standards will:

  • Reduce the effort needed for modeling
  • Enhance the accuracy of your model
  • Promote consistency between models
  • Enhance clarity in cases of potential modeling ambiguity or inaccuracy
  • Enhance the aesthetic and professional appearance of your model
  • Provide meaningful modeling data to be used in projects
  • Provide better understanding of your model in case of reuse after a long duration of time

UDF Modeling

GeoAdvice can help you with your UDF modeling needs. Uni-directional flushing (UDF) consists of isolating particular pipe sections or loops by closing the appropriate valves and opening hydrants in an organized sequential manner. Using a UDF modeling approach, GeoAdvice will be able to generate significant system improvements and cost savings.

Transient Analyses

The availability of complex transient modeling software allows GeoAdvice to assess surge response to events such as pump trips, valve operation, and emergency system operation. GeoAdvice has experience in transient analysis studies for numerous applications.

Model Conversion

GeoAdvice can assist you with the conversion of your modeling data from various sources. Your model data residing in one software format can be converted into a new format.

Asset Management

Asset Management is the planning process to ensure the most value of your assets and the financial resources to replace them when necessary. GeoAdvice can help to develop a water/sewer/storm asset management plan to increase the knowledge of your system, to reduce the number of emergency repairs, and to prioritize your replacement needs.

Pressure Management

A calibrated model can be used to assess the operating pressures and design pressure management schemes. This in turn can:

  • Reduce system leakage
  • Reduce burst incidents
  • Prolong the life of the assets
  • Reduce pressure related demand
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

By remaining focused on your needs, GeoAdvice creates practical solutions and strategies for effective use of GIS with your models. GeoAdvice GIS solutions follow industry standards, provide a solid platform for future growth, and are open for integration.

As a consulting firm working on a broad array of projects, GeoAdvice has met many of the challenges which now face utilities integrating GIS programs into their models. Happy Integration!

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