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GeoAdvice Engineering Inc.
Unit 203, 2502 St. Johns Street
Port Moody, BC
V3H 2B4

Phone: (604) 931-0550
Fax: (604) 931-0580
GeoAdvice Solutions

GeoAdvice provides high value network modeling solutions based upon years of experience.

GeoAdvice services:

  • Water distribution system modeling
  • Water transmission and storage system modeling
  • Sewer collection system modeling
  • Storm water collection system modeling
  • Water quality analysis
  • Genetic Algorithm optimization
  • Model Calibration
  • Infrastructure analysis and rehabilitation
  • GIS and SCADA integration
  • Asset management
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Leak detection and non-revenue water analyses
  • Utility rate and financial planning

For further information, please call (604) 931-0550 or e-mail us at