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GA Optimization

Avoid using trial-and-error to calibrate your model; GeoAdvice will use GA optimization to match model predictions with field measures.

GeoAdvice specializes in the use of Genetic Algorithm (GA) optimization applied to water systems problems. Genetic Algorithm optimization is a search technique that is best suited to solving large optimization problems which cannot be solved using more conventional research methods.

Applications of combining modeling and GA optimization are:
  • Network design
  • Pump scheduling
  • Model calibration
  • Sampling design
  • Network rehabilitation
  • System operation
  • Water quality

What is a GA optimization problem? GeoAdvice will assist you to define your GA optimization problem and determine the following:

  • The objective function
  • The set of variables
  • The set of constraints
GA Optimization benefits
  • Explore a fraction of the number of possible solutions
  • Achieve lower cost solutions (10% - 50%)
  • A range of near-optimal solutions that can be easily verified (hydraulically and technically)
  • Uses industry accepted facility components (roughness values, pump sizes, pipe sizes, etc.)
  • Search the solution space from a population of points not just from a single point
  • Generate alternative solutions which can be later used and compared
  • Work with both discrete and continuous variables

Genetic Algorithm optimization has been successfully applied to reduce pumping costs.

Pumping costs are one of the most significant investments made annually by water utilities, yet very few take the time to assess their system operation, failing to identify potential savings that could save many thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The GA model can be used to optimize pump operation, maximizing pumping during periods of cheaper electricity, and allow the modeler to assess the efficiency of the existing pumps and any need for replacement and the potential reduction in running costs that might result.

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